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I felt the writer (also the creator) was having conversations in my life. All you really have to do is color it in and give the character life. I didn’t know he was playing the husband and he didn’t know I was playing the wife.

Do your thing with it, especially when you work with a director that trusts your work and that they cast the right person. I think we found out at the table read or the night before. It was weird that we were playing love interests because a decade prior we were in a film in a relationship and now we’re married on a sitcom.

We have all heard, time and time again, from multiple sources that about 70% of black women are single, and 42% are unmarried.

COS wants to know, is it the destiny of Black woman to remain single or can she find love and happiness. A man only deserves a wife when he asks for one, in others words, don’t give all the benefits of a wife until you are the wife. Be willing to talk things out, even if it takes all night. Know the difference, are you in a Relationship or a Situationship?

Circle of Sisters (COS), the largest expo for women of color in New York City, hosted an enlightening panel discussion on love and relationships on Saturday, October 17, 2015 from to PM.

The expo at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, presented by AARP, in association with COBA and AT&T, produced and hosted by WBLS-FM, HOT 97, WLIB – AM and Emmis Communications, brought together a In the Special Events Hall, Love and Relationship Panel Moderator WBLS’ Lenny Green asked the few hundred people assembled to clap their hands if they were in a relationship. When he asked those to clap, if , hundreds of woman clapped.

These high school sweethearts lovingly quarrel with each other and their mischievous children Devin (Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.) and Ebony (Jayla Calhoun) as they make up their own rules to love, marriage and family along the way., a popular sitcom going on to their fourth season is a show based on a black family who lives in the suburbs.Forewarning, this show is not your “average” black family sitcom; it’s better. Henson, Omar Gooding, Tamara La Seon Bass, Candy Brown Houston, A. Johnson, Ving Rhames, Angell Conwell, Kareem J Grimes, Tracey Cherelle Jones, Kylan Bolton, Kaylan Bolton, Freez Luv, Mo' Nique, Juanita Jennings, Liris Crosse, Sylvester Robinson, Maasai Singleton, Mario William Jackson, Keith Diamond, Frederick Ricks, Snoop Dogg, Selma Mc Pherson, Asondra Hunter, Tawny Dahl, Java Benson, De Juan Guy, Amentha Dymally, Kym Whitley, Dannon Green, Jamaica Carter John Singleton, Sean Taylor, Dwight Williams, Sabrina L Gray John Singleton Jody is a twenty-year-old African American who has fathered two daughters by two different women yet still lives at home with his mother, Juanita.

He can't seem to find a direction for his chaotic life, and to make matters worse, his best friend and partner-in-crime Sweetpea has just been released from prison.Check out 10 , according to the panel discussion, to increase their chances of finding and keeping true love: 1. In healthy relationships there are two people who connect and support each other for the long run. You must always respect yourself and your partner; and allow the man to be a man. There must be a connection on many levels, not merely a sexual one.