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People may appear , to be normal in a chatroom but when you meet them they may turn out to , be axe wielding maniacs!

, There are sometimes weirdos flooding the room with garbage. , You can use these links to add espanglishchat to things.

What is your name in Spanish Como te llamas en inglés Reflexives in Spanish Reflexivos en inglés Possessive Adjectives in Spanish Adjetivos Posesivos en inglés Palabras para hacer preguntas en inglès Question Words in Spanish.

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Usted puede hablar con varios y limitar el número de participantes con una sala común que ha seleccionado previamente.

In using our chat you agree to abide by our chat rules which you can (and should) read HERE Have fun! Although chat topics can often veer into all manner of subject matter we would prefer members avoid in depth / heated political or religious debate in this room.