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13-Dec-2017 08:03

He became a Minor Canon at Ripon Cathedral and is now Parish Priest of St John The Baptist Church, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Former Indiana coach Bobby Knight is coming under more scrutiny on Monday night as Deadspin released further evidence of sexual harassment allegations that occurred when the Hall of Famer gave a speech at...Also, fan fiction has become media shorthand for bad writing or inaccurate journalism (a usage I loathe). I believe fan fiction has been instrumental in changing attitudes about sexual diversity and, recently, neurodiversity and disability in romance.More importantly, fan fiction and fan culture generally are leading to some reinterpretation of intellectual property rights and enforcement, as rights holders are noticing that the presence of an active fic-writing fandom is beneficial rather than detrimental to their economic interest. It hasn’t been so forward-thinking on racial and ethnic diversity.What radio — the place where fresh voices go and smash their foreheads into concrete walls — does with the eventual winner (and his immediate runners-up), only time will tell.

But here’s hoping Pharrell, Gwen, Blake and Adam double-down on these chaps in 2014 and use their pop-cultural currency to help one or two of ’em break on through to the other side.

(Sidebar: How come no one ever covers The Doors on reality singing competitions anymore?

Discreet billing too, just shows 'ATL' on your statement.… continue reading »

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A Syracuse resident was on a dating site and saw what appeared to be the profile of a soldier in Afghanistan.… continue reading »

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